What is MAST?

MAST is a USA Swimming club that competes nearly year-round. Our Winter season starts in September and runs through February. After a short break, we start our summer season in April and swim through July. We have swimmers ranging from age 5 up to age 18.

Do you have to go to Milford Schools to join?

No, in fact we have swimmers from many school districts on our team.

How much does MAST cost?

The cost varies depending on which training group your swimmer is in. Our prices are posted in the document section of our website. Most new swimmers should expect to pay around $500.

What do the team fees cover?

The fees for MAST go to many things. The largest being registration with Ohio Swimming, USA Swimming membership, pool expenses, coach salaries, and meet entry fees.

What will swimmers learn at practice?

The most important thing for young swimmers is to love swimming while learning the best possible skills. There are many skills required to be successful in swimming. Coaches will work with swimmers to develop proper technique, while having fun.

How many times a week does my swimmer have to go to practice?

Practice schedules vary depending on a swimmer's group. For new swimmers there is no minimum practice requirements. However, the more practices your swimmer can attend the more they will learn and progress.

Do swimmers have to attend meets?

No, we do not require swimmers to attend meets. MAST is a competitive swim team and encourages swimmers to attend meets when they are ready.

What are my parents obligations as a member of MAST?

We host meets during the season and parents are required to work during these events. Usually that involves timing, concessions, or other meet related activities.

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