Weekly Message - September 13, 2020

Monty Hopkins

MAST Families,

Thank you for being a part of the Milford Area Swim Team.  As we work toward offering the best possible program for your family we are constrained by the same factors that are affecting so many parts of our lives.  No one can be faulted for feeling impatient with the many rules and restrictions but the hope is that these many provisions will someday pass.  In the meantime we all must keep the best attitude possible and make the most of the opportunities we have. 

The MAST coaches are dedicated to providing quality instruction, positive motivation and a welcoming swim team environment.  We appreciate all that you do to have your children as MAST team members and we thank you for your support and participation.

Group sizes:  Group sizes are limited due to provisions for physical distancing.  It is hoped that we will be able to expand group sizes sometime in the future.  Current size limits are as follows:

Red 1 limited to 18

Red 2 limited to 18,

Red 3 limited to 6,

Black 1 limited to 18,

Black 2 limited to 12,

Black 3 limited to 18

Two Items for Black 2 & Black 3

  1. We will add 15 minutes to practice and end at 6:15 pm this week
  2. Bring fins to practice

That’s all for today.  Have a safe evening. See you at the pool!  Go Eagles!