OHIO Senior Meet Entry - Please review tentative entry and comment (Entry will be finalized by 4:00 pm Monday)

Monty Hopkins

Hello Parents of Ohio Senior meet swimmers,

Please check the Committed Athletes tab in the Ohio Senior Meet for your swimmers events.

Entries are submitted through Online Meet Entry and are Due Monday.

Late entries will not be accepted so this needs your confirmation today.

I have added swimmers who indicated that they plan to swim.

High school Sectional and District times have not been updated, but I will attempt to get times updated.

Relay teams will be determined at the meet, the names listed on relays are for entry purposes only and are not final.

Please contact Coach Monty by text message (513-502-5465) or by e-mail tonight if you wish to make changes.

As an alternative, feel free to comment in the entry file tab on your swimmers line saying that you approve the entry.

Thanks for being MAST families,


Swimmers currently entered: 

Cameron Barclay, Kristen Bruce, Teo Carrion, Landon Crum, Erin Cumming, Liz Fadden, Emmett Fentress, Owen Hein, Libby Jones, Joey Kissing, Wilson Larimore, Jake Nerl, Jonah Otten, Abby ROeper, Taylor Sefton, Molly Shiveley, Lily Wright.